Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity (ETA)
A strategy for growing towards Christlikeness based on the actual ways people develop is the primary focus of this course. Through identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, we become more intentional in adhering to the spiritual disciplines.

Understanding People (ETA)
As believers we are mandated to fulfill “The Great Commission”. This course will help you to understand people in all stages of human development, from infancy to senior citizens, so you can more fully and more powerfully minister to them in each of the four domains (physical, cognitive, socio emotional and spiritual).

Old Testament Survey I (ETA)
This course provides a sweeping overview of God’s working from creation through the early days of His chosen people. Topics included in books from Genesis to Esther include Israel’s trek to the Promised Land, David’s reign, Solomon’s kingdom, the kingdom of Judah, etc.

Old Testament Survey II (ETA)
The survey continues with the books Job to Malachi which gives further insights into God’s dealing with His people. The survey’s presentations with a chronological sequence of events as well as historic and contextual information are easier to grasp.

Developing Intimacy with God
(Fasting and Praying)
Developing and maintaining an intimate relationship with God is essential for every purpose driven believer. This course will equip and encourage the believer to develop such habits as those which will ensure intimacy with God.

Book of Acts
Discover the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a true Christian. In the Gospel of Luke Jesus tells the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of John Jesus describes how the Holy Spirit empowers the believer. In the Acts of the Apostles the full manifestation of this power is realized. Learn how you can exercise this power in your life to the glory of God and the exaltation of Jesus Christ.