Effectively Leading:
A Guide for All Church Leaders (ETA)
Should church leaders strive to be efficient or effective? Being efficient means doing things rights, while being effective means doing the right things. Though you, as a church leader, should be efficient in your ministry, the greater priority must be on becoming effective in that ministry. This course will help you, as a leader, become more effective in accomplishing your ministry or church’s goal.

Perspectives from Church History (ETA)
Written as a basic introduction to the subject, this course covers the four major periods from the Day of Pentecost to the present: the Ancient Church, Medieval Church, Reformation Church and Modern Church. This course will also provide Christians with an overview of their spiritual heritage. There is much to be gained from studying the past.

Christian Ethics (ETA)
There is a difference between “ethics” and “morals”. Ethics do not change. Morals reflect the changing whims of the culture. For the Christian, ethics must be rooted in the absolutes revealed in God’s Word. Critical ethical questions on abortion, euthanasia, bioethics, human sexuality, politics, war, capital punishment, race, the arts, and the environment will be examined from a biblical viewpoint in this course.

Truth About World Views (ETA)
In a world where multi “truths” abound, Christians need to be on their guard to avoid being deceived by other ways of looking at the world that directly oppose Christ and His Word. This course analyzes the main world religions, cults, and philosophical systems in an effort to determine how they differ from Christianity. A well-informed Christian is a stable Christian.

Biblical Principles for Effective Team Ministry
Many leaders in the church today do not appreciate the truth and importance of team ministry. In team ministry, two or more leaders work together to accomplish spiritual tasks. This course explores this concept and gives evidence that team ministry is a scriptural pattern. The principles and practice of team ministry as well as the people factor in team development when embraced will greatly enhance our 21-century pulpits.

Teaching Adults, Youth & Children with Confidence
Teaching is a universal phenomenon, however, while teaching in a Christian education setting is common it can sometimes fall short of its intended purpose to impact the life of the learner. This course presents various techniques that can be used in teaching adults, youth and children with the confidence needed to achieve the ultimate goal