The Prayer Chapel Sight & Sound Ministry is committed to moving towards being a top notch, innovative audio/media ministry, lead by God to serve the people.


To ensure that all operating aspects of the Sight & Sound Ministry professionally assist in the worship experience.  Our commitment to service will also be paramount in providing clear communication and enlightening entertainment for the congregants.

3 Areas of support


  • Responsible for setting up the camera and making sure that it is focused to capture the entire service
  • Responsible for editing the DVD and producing copies as requested


  • Responsible for editing and making changes to the power point presentations
  • Responsible for setting up and taking down the projector


  • Responsible for setting up and taking down the microphones
  • Responsible for monitoring and adjusting the sound board as needed
  • Responsible for being alert and attentive throughout the service to tackle any issues and/or adjustment dealing with sound and equipment immediately